Bluebell Falls is a traditional artisan family business, producing goat's cheese to the highest quality standards, run by Victor and Breda O'Sullivan. Bluebell Falls is since 2003 a multi award-winning cheese manufacturer close to Charleville in County Cork, well-known for the production of great tasting cheese.

Free grazing herd

Our goats graze freely on our farm and enjoy the lush grass and wild shrubs (they love the ivy!) that gives us milk of great taste and consistency.

Zero food miles

Everything happens on our family farm! The goats in the field are milked - every day - in our milking parlour. The milk is then transferred directly to the dairy immediately next to the milking parlour. Zero food miles, we have full control.

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How we make our great tasting goats cheese

This is where our cheesemaker Breda does her magic. Morning and evening milk is used to make each daily batch of Bluebell Falls goats cheese. Making goats cheese is a traditional natural process, with milk transferred direct from the milking parlour to the dairy each day. The milk is chilled, pasteurised, and made into curds with vegetarian rennet.

Once set, the curds are hung to strain for several hours in natural muslin bags, before the cheese is salted, rolled into a traditional log shape and hand packed. This is a young goat’s cheese, ready to eat a couple of days after making.



     Cais - Association of Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers

     Restaurant Association of Ireland - Official representation of quality restaurants in Ireland

     Good Food Ireland - A trusted quality guarantee for premium authentic local food experiences

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