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From our farm to your home.

Award-winning Goats Cheese

Welcome to Bluebell Falls,

Bluebell Falls Goats Cheese! Deliciously Healthy! Our goats graze freely on the grass of the family farm. The diversity of breeds, and traditional cheese-making techniques, give Bluebell Falls a delicate milky taste and creamy consistency.

Driven by a passion for excellence,

We are more than just a cheese manufacturer

we are pioneers in the artisanal cheese industry. Our products, celebrated for their rich flavors and superior quality, have garnered numerous awards, distinguishing us as leaders in our field.
Driven by a passion for excellence, our team of skilled artisans, led by industry experts Victor and Breda O’Sullivan, is dedicated to producing the finest goat’s cheese. Our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality standards ensure that every batch of cheese we produce is a masterpiece of flavor and texture.

Join us in experiencing the essence of true artisanal craftsmanship at Bluebell Falls, where every cheese tells a story of tradition, quality, and innovation.

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Association of Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers

Official representation of quality restaurants in Ireland

A trusted quality guarantee for premium authentic local food experiences

At the heart of Bluebell Falls lies our cherished herd,

A diverse mix of white Saanen and brown Toggenburg goats from Switzerland, complemented by the striking black and white British Alpine goats. Grazing right outside our production facility, these goats are more than just livestock; they are the source of our high-quality milk, rich in taste and perfectly balanced in texture.

Quality is not just a word for us; it’s a commitment.

Bluebell Falls is honored to hold the BRC accreditation, a globally recognized standard in food safety. This certification is not only a testament to our adherence to the highest safety and quality standards but also a promise to our customers that every product we craft is safe, legal, and meets the rigorous expectations set by the industry.


Our dedication to quality has been consistently recognized through numerous prestigious awards. Our cheeses have been celebrated at various platforms, including the Great Taste Awards, Blas na hEireann Awards, and Bloom Irish Cheese Awards, among others. These accolades are a reflection of our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and excellence in every product we produce.

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Rich flavors and Superior quality.